Over the holiday weekend, the Bureau Veritas team initiated a clean-up of the Labcheck database. The objective of the update was to clean-up inactive accounts and units, as well to update the available unit makes & models and oil types by removing duplicates and obsolete records.

Regrettably, there were some unintended consequences in which old accounts and units were brought back, as well cleaned up oil types being unavailable. This impacted a wide range of clients, and specifically clients that may have recently done larger clean-ups of their accounts and units. This also impacted, come clients submitting e-labels, showing no oil types on the label.

While we were able to patch the major impacts yesterday, we are still in the process of backing out all the changes. This is going to take another two-days to complete, as we can only do the work in the evening so as not to interrupt the system. We expect this to be resolved by Thursday evening, July 9, and expect the Labcheck system to be operating at a pre-update performance by Friday morning.

During this time users may still see incorrect or missing information on accounts or units. Our team is standing by to address and fix these items individually as they come up. Please send requests to and we will reply accordingly.

We appreciate your patience as our team works through this, and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


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